It is possible to make lots of cool things on a lathe besides bowls and pens.  Here are some others...

Cool, Spinny Wood Thingies

Rosewood key chain

White ash baseball bat (at top)   turned to exact dimensions of original (below)

White Ash Little League baseball bat with grip

Images (including photographs or other graphics) can be cast in clear acrylic and turned into interesting pens.  This one is a ‘spine pen’, created as a gift to an orthopedic surgeon.

This is a “knee pen” created as a gift for an orthopedic surgeon.  It features pictures of an arthritic knee, an x-ray, a knee replacement prosthesis, and an x-ray of the replacement knee joint.

This is a “yoga pen” created as a gift to a Yoga instructor.  It features images of many common Yoga positions.

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